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318th ASA Crest

Herzo Base Main Gate 1960's
ASA Patch
Thanks for visiting my 318th ASA site. I did my basic at Ft. Dix from 6/62 - 8/62 then went  to Ft. Devens until April 1963. After Devens I was assigned to Hq.& Hq., 318th ASA Bn. Herzo Base, COMSEC, from April 1963  until June 1965.

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 Devens photos taken in 1962, School, Barricks & Service Club   update01.gif Page 2


 Hq. Co. COMSEC  Group Picture 1964


 A History of Herzo Base circle05_blue.gif 318th ASA Bn. history   circle05_blue.gif  ASA History Page  


Herzo Photo anigreen07_next.gif Directory Page  update01.gif   Visit 2008 to Herzo MUST SEE page!


 Photo of Herzogenaurach 1998    


 Interesting facts & info about Herzo Base.If  you have something about Herzo that you think is  interesting,
email and I will post it. FYI page


 If you want to know what happened to Herzo Base then read:
 Letter #1. Tom Wenz Return to Herzo 1997

 Letter #2. C.H. "Pick" Leibenguth, Jr. Lt. Col. Ret. the C.O. of
              Herzo 1969-70. Return to Herzo 1998

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 Herzo Memories    circle05_blue.gif    1964 Holiday Menu     circle05_blue.gif    Short Stories  update01.gif


 Group photo of  182nd "A" Trick taken 1963 


 ASA related Link Page with link to ASA  Locator Data Base & NASAA



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